I do a whole ton of stuff with anime cons, and in fact, I created this blog as a redirect for my panel attendees to get more information. I wanted to dedicate a place in my blog specifically for everyone who comes to my panels and sees me at conventions. As I commit to running panels and shows at other cons, I'll update this space with that information.

Kurokiiro Festival 2010
I did the first iteration of "The Elegant Wardrobe" here in 2010. It was my very first time running a lolita panel and it didn't go as well as planned. Still, it was a good experience and I learned what not to say in a lolita panel very quickly. I also ran the fashion show at this con. It was a sort of last minute thing, where the person running it before had to drop out due to illness. It had originally been a j-fashion show, with all types of j-fashions (visual kei, decora, historically accurate pieces, etc.), but it ended up being just lolita. It was kind of a mess, but overall, not a bad show. I had something like 12 models, and they all did very well. It was informative, I guess that's all that really matters.

Sangawa Project 2010
I did the "Mature Lolita Styles" panel here. It wasn't attended well and I probably won't do it again.

Ohayocon 2011
My first out-of-state con in a very long time. I did two lolita panels, "Lolita or Not" which I was the co-panelist on, and "The Elegant Wardrobe: A Guide to Lolita Fashion" which I was the lead on. Both went very well! Lolita or Not got scary because my friend's computer crashed and she wasn't able to retrieve her powerpoint until the day before the panel. We had a HUGE room there, the biggest panel room I've ever seen. It was full. I'd be willing to help on that one again, it was fun. My panel was not so well attended. It was at a crappy time, starting only an hour and a half or so before the con ended on sunday. I had good people in there though and lots of great questions. The version of the panel I did there is my current version, with a few updates.

Tekkoshocon 2011
This is my home convention, and I was staffing it this year. It was my first time working for such a big con. It was a lot of fun though and while there were many problems, it was a really good Tekko. I wanted to do a lot of panels, but I only had time for two. I did "The Elegant Wardrobe" here along with my sister. It went aright, but I didn't get a chance to change from staff to lolita, which I think was disappointing for some of the attendees. It went alright, it wasn't the right powerpoint, but the room was packed and I had some good questions. I forgot my cards up in the hotel though. I also ran the Gothic and Lolita Fashion Show in main events on Friday. It was a whole lot of work before and at con, but it was well worth it. There were 32 looks representing all major styles, only one tiny hiccup (and the fact that I wasn't wearing shoes for more than half), and overall a very positive response. I had a lot of people come up and tell me that they really liked the show. I hope I get to run it again next year!

Otakon 2011
This was my first time going to Otakon! I worked on "Affording Lolita" with my friend Starberry~ I also attended every fashion show and have serious coverage on the BABY one for this blog. If I get to go again next year, I hope I can do more panels and perhaps get a press pass for the shows so I can bring better coverage to my blog!

Kurokiiro Festival 2011
I did "Affording Lolita" at this con, and then ran the Lolita fashion show again! It went so much better this year than last. We had lots of models this year and everything went very smoothly~ I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout, since the show was on Black Friday. If you were there, I hope you enjoyed the show!

Ohayocon 2012
Usually, I do Lolita panels with my good friend Starberry. However, she ended up going to Setsucon, and I ended up going to Ohayocon this year. So it was kind of weird doing them without her. I did Affording Lolita (it ended up being scheduled at the same time and day at Ohayo and Setsu xD) and The Elegant Wardrobe. Both went so well! I love doing fashion panels at Ohayocon, I hope I can go again next year!

Tekkoshocon 2012
Like last year, I ran the Lolita Fashion Show event. I think it went really well again this year, maybe even better than last year! We had make up and hair people helping out the models this year, which was really awesome. We ended up with 30 models, one designer, and 40 outfits total! Wow~ I also helped out my sister with her panel, Cute Fashion! It was really fun, I think we're going to try and take it to Otakon this year!