This is sort of a running wishlist of mine. I'm going to only put dresses and skirts here, as there are a billion different shoes, accessories, and bags that I want. 

Alice and the Pirates Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK in Black. This print is gorgeous! I love the chandelier motif, it's so elegant!

Alice and the Pirates Kuranosuke Stripe JSK. I should have ordered this when I had a chance! It's so unique and I've never seen another piece quite like it. It doesn't really fit into one style at all.

Veronica Elisse JSK. I really love the subtle pinstripe print and the sheer bows on this dress. It would work well in punk, gothic, or a pirate coordinate. 

Candy Star Rabbit Shirring JSK from Meta~ It's so cute!

Vampire Requiem (Re-release) by Alice and the Pirates. I really like this brand! A friend of mine has this dress in the red and it's just a stunning print. I don't care too much about getting the original vs. the re-release though. 

Dot Frill Jumper skirt by BABY the Stars Shine Bright. I want this in black and the blue color maybe too. I'd wear it just as a regular dress sometimes too probably.