Friday, November 12, 2010

Welcome to The Elegant Wardrobe

Hi everyone! This is my newest undertaking, a blog about my adventures in lolita fashion! I so very much admire all of the lolita bloggers out there and I want to be one too! I hope to be able to update a lot, but if I can't, it's because I am also a full-time student. The title of my blog, The Elegant Wardrobe, is the title of the lolita panels I do at conventions. I'm still new to paneling on lolita, but I have been a very successful panelist for about two years now. So from time to time I'll put my panel stuff up here for others to see and even use at their conventions if they'd like.

Introducing myself
I've been a lolita for almost four years now. My relationship with the fashion is a love-hate one. I love the sweet prints and the cute candy/bunny/rainbow accessories, but I can't wear them. I'm a red-head, so pink is pretty much automatically eliminated from my wardrobe possibilities. Secondly, I am a college student, so I know that I should try and dress myself in a more mature manner. But I can't help but love cute things! If there were a Hello Kitty print dress, I think I'd buy it, no matter what color is was. So I've made compromises in my wardrobe. Instead of being OTT sweet, I go for a bittersweet or classic style. I think my favorite brand has to be Baby the Stars Shine Bright. I also tend to create a lot of kuro coordinates. Being a completely kuro lolita is boring though, so I try to branch out. I collect Ball-Joint Dolls, so my funds for my hobbies are split in half. As for my lolita inspiration, I really admire Julie Andrews. She just exudes elegance, and so I'd like to think of her as my lolita roll model.

What Should You Expect?
Not much. I'm not a professional writer, I don't plan to be one, and therefore, I will write here as I would talk. So please don't expect eloquent writing or anything. I will be sharing my opinions on the fashion here, and some of those opinions may not be popular. For instance, I like Bodyline. I'm not ashamed to admit it either. So if you can't be nice in your comments, please don't bother commenting at all. Golden rule here. If there's something you want me to write on or something you'd like to see done here, don't hesitate to let me know!

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