Tuesday, October 4, 2011

10 Things to Avoid in Lolita

I don't know about you, but I love wearing lolita out pretty much everywhere. To work, to school, to the grocery store, on the bus, out shopping. However, there are just some scenarios where dressing your frilly best is not only impractical, but inconvenient and, quite frankly, a nuisance. I did a post like this awhile back, but to be honest, I wasn't satisfied with it at all. So I've been re-working it and here's a better list (and a more practical one) of things to not do in lolita.

1. Shopping (For Clothes)
I hate trying clothes on. I hate it! It's such a bother. But it does help you decide on your purchases, so I do it anyhow. Wearing lolita to a shopping trip where you're planning to try stuff on is just plain bothersome. If you're shopping for "mainstream" clothes, do you really want to be pulling layers upon layers of frill covered items off, for not even five minutes of trying stuff on? Not only will you have to set your nice items on the floor or the bench, it'll just make the whole process take EVEN longer. Save yourself some time and go in your jeans.

2. On an Airplane
I've done this before. I wore lolita onto a plane, in the United States. It. was. a. nightmare. First of all, the TSA agents are extra suspicious of you because you look different and stand out. Secondly, you have to take your shoes off and I don't like getting my nice socks dirty. Third, no wigs, period. Finally, once you get on the stupid plane, the seats are really cramped and you're super uncomfortable and the petticoat doesn't fit in the little bathroom so well. It's miserable.

3. On a car/bus trip
This also goes for a car ride, though less so I think. I drove back from Ohayocon in lolita this past year. It wasn't terrible, because I'm used to driving in my dresses. But if the car ride had been much longer, it would have gotten really terrible, really fast. It's that uncomfortable, cramped car factor that makes this an awful experience. If you have to do it (like I did), then I suggest planning a more casual outfit for that day and perhaps taking the petticoat off.

4. Getting a Haircut
Getting a haircut is so nice~ They make it look so much better than I ever can manage on my own. But there are a few reasons not to wear your lolita to your haircut. Most of the time, they will wash your hair before they cut it. Lolita and water don't really mix, so why risk exposure to it? Also, all those little bits of hair and whatever products they use on your hair, they can get on your clothing (even with the protective covering). If you want that just-cut look for a meet-up or other event, schedule your hair cut in the morning and then put your lolita on once you get home.

5. Prolonged Exposure to Children under 3
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against kids. I work in a nursery and I'm in school to become an elementary teacher. But kids... are sticky. They sort of leak fluid from, well, everywhere. And they love to put their sticky little hands wherever they aren't supposed to, especially right on your pretty clothes. Don't babysit in lolita, don't hang out with your niece/nephew/baby cousin/sibling in it, don't go to work in a day care in it! Better safe than sorry.

6. Amusement Parks
One of my favorite places in the whole world is, in fact, Disney World. And up until recently, I wanted to wear lolita to the park and pretend I was a princess while I was there. But then I realized the logistic difficulties of wearing lolita to a theme park if you're planning on riding anything at all (and let's face it, that's why you're there in the first place). The seats are dirty from thousands of people going on and off the ride, many are also outside and exposed to weather and animals. You'll have to leave your purse in the little area before you get on the ride, and it could get scuffed up or stolen. If you like to wear heals in lolita, imagine walking around and standing in lines all day in those shoes. As fun as it would be, I've given that idea up.

7. Cooking
Sure, it would be adorable to bake some cupcakes in a cute dress and a frilly apron. And sure, the apron would protect your dress from some harm. But! I highly recommend changing out of expensive, irreplaceable clothes while you cook. Stuff happens in the kitchen, and you look down and you're covered in flour or whatever you're working with. The un-washable nature of lolita makes it a poor choice for cooking in. If you are making something simple (like pasta, the only thing I know how to cook) then you're probably going to be fine. But much more than that, and your outfit could get damaged quite easily.

8. Messy Arts & Crafts
I've been trying to think of crafts for a crafting meet-up for about a year now. And I can't seem to come up with anything other than sewing and deco den that's completely safe on your clothing. And even then, deco den uses a bunch of glue. Scrapbooking is probably okay too, but mostly what I'm talking about here is painting, paper machét, clay-based crafts, decoupage, and pretty much any other craft that involves liquids. Most of these materials won't wash out of regular clothes, much less lolita. And just like with cooking, an apron won't protect all of you.

9. Napping
I must confess, I've fallen asleep in lolita before. It happens, mostly after long meet-ups or at conventions. While this isn't the absolute worst thing you can do to your clothing, it's not great. First of all, it's not too comfy to sleep in a blouse and a petticoat. Second, your clothes will get wrinkled very easily when you sleep in them. You'll have to iron it (again) and it just takes time and effort. If you want to carry the lolita aesthetic over into your
pajamas, there are a few options. There are vintage or vintage-styled nightgowns or dressing gowns. You can either make your own or buy one. I looked around at a few online shops and this one seems to have a good variety of styles and sizes. You could also go with just regular sleepwear with cute motifs. There are tons of pajama sets featuring Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Snoopy, other Sanrio characters, and whatever other cute things you like. The third and final option is to wear bloomers and some top to bed. I like babydoll-style t-shirts for this option the best, and bloomers are so comfy!

10. Cleaning
I hear all the time about people cleaning their house in lolita. And I always think "how much did they really clean?" Because I just can't imagine doing dishes, cleaning the bathroom, or doing laundry in lolita. Sure, sweeping, picking up, and maybe dusting would be easy enough, but if you're going to be moving around a lot, using chemicals or soap, or lifting a lot then maybe throw on some of those pajamas I mentioned above.

This is a great introduction post for the next week in my life. For the next week, I will be delving into the complexities of lifestyle lolita. Whether I'm going to school or work, on the bus or driving, I'll be wearing lolita. Every day. So please look forward to finding out how I do!


  1. I absolutely agree with everything you've written! As nice as it would be to wear lolita 24/7, it's pretty much impossible :b Sometimes a loli-inspired outfit will just have to do instead of a full lolita outfit :3

  2. Well, I'm guilty of flying (on a regular basis in one period of my life) decked out head to toe in Lolita and must say that whilst it wasn't the most comfortable thing and I wouldn't reccommend it for a longer flight, it was totally worth it seeing the shocked faces around:-D Especially once when I was wearing a steel-boned corset and sent the metal detector to mental asylumXD Priceless. But then the British airport staff had generally great sense of humour and even told me I'm right to travel in style;-)
    Oh, and cooking in Lolita, I'm guilty of that too. Strangely, it felt right, I guess because cooking is a common part of life - and connecting the unusual and common, Lolita felt less like a costume and more like a real fashion, as it should.
    I think cooking in Lolita is possible so long you go for a smaller petti and easily washable skirt and top/ jsk...