Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Year's Contest

Hello! I am officially bringing The Elegant Wardrobe off of hiatus just in time for the new year! And what better way to celebrate the end of '11 than a contest! All you have to do is post in the comment section your email address, and what your New Year's resolution(s) will be, lolita or not. Each person can enter one time, and three winners will be selected at random. Of course, feel free to re-blog/facebook/tweet about the contest as much as you want! The contest will end at midnight EST on the 8th, and the winners will be announced on the 9th.

The prize? It's a handmade, Chocomint-inspired two-way clip! If you win, you get to choose the color(s), shape, and decorations for your one of a kind clip. There are some samples in the pictures, but if you have an idea for something different, I can try my best to make it. There are circles (doughnuts), stars, and hearts available, in pink, blue, white, or rainbow
pastel yarn. So I hope there are bunches of entries and everyone has a happy new year!

Left: decorated white star
Right: Pink doughnut, split star (pink/blue)
Above: Blue stars/hearts, rainbow stars


  1. Ahhh<3

    My new year's resolution is to eat healthier (including drinking lots of water!), finish up (and get accepted to!) college stuff, and be more loving and forgiving <3;;

  2. My New Year's resolutions are to take more pics of my Loli outfits, to build a larger socks wardrobe, and to eat more fruits and vegetables ^w^

  3. (cute layout!)
    My New Year's resolution is to become more focused, and procrastinate less. Also, to get my license and afew scholarships for college. I am a very co-dependent person, and I'd really like to show my parents that I am responsible and that I am an adult now and have the right to make my own decisions without their permission. I'd like to learn to be independent, and take care of myself. (=

  4. my new years resolution is to finally lose the weight that i've been trying to get rid of ><'' as well as expanding my lolita wardrobe :) (the two are connected because i really want to fit into unshirred ap... if that will ever be possible haha)
    email: lnvalentine (at) gmail (.) com

  5. my new year resolution are: saving up more money (by reducing to eat fancy and expensive food alone!), treat my face better (get rid of those pimples), wear lolita more often, get a job, and probably moving out from my current place, I just want to have a more private life and the last is to sew and learning to sew more and more.

    email: snowsparklegems@hotmail.com

  6. My new year's resolution is to get my mother and father to accept lolita and not to worry about it anymore and that they see how fun and innocent it really is!


  7. Well, firstly I'd like to be more date aware this year so I won't forget important things by knowing what the date and day it is.
    Secondly get a sewing machine so I can stop sewing by hand and be more productive for once again!
    Thirdly and hopefully not lastly, work more on our local loli-forum and get the community even more active :3

    e-mail is at kusakanmuri0x0 [at] gmail . com

  8. My new year's resolution is to get better grades! I really wish to be accepted into Dartmouth and I start High School next year, so I've got to get into the hang of studying a lot and taking more notes to succeed!


  9. My first new year's resolution is to become much healthier than I've been during the last few months. I've already got a gym card! I'm also hoping to lose some weight as a result of this.

    Secondly, Im hoping to become happier than I've been during the last years and to live my life to the fullest :)


  10. My new years resolution is to get in the 600 club, this means my squat, deadlift and bench all have to add up to 600lbs :3

    yourjellyfish (at) gmail.com

  11. My New Year's resolution is to save money. So I have to write down everything I spend money on now. No more wardrobe building for a while...

  12. Email: queen.late@yahoo.com

    My resolution this year (the same every year) is to lose weight. It's healthy, I'll feel and look good, and I get to wear a lot more lolita clothes!

  13. noblelement (a) gmail (d) com

    my resolution this year is to get out more and have more quality time with my family, friends, and fellow lolitas instead of working so much.

  14. My resolutions are to get back into College (I had to take a break to save up more money), start running, grow out my hair, expand my 'cute' wardrobe, & save up for a new car.


  15. My new year's resolution is so finally become fluent in Russian, Finnish and in Japanese. To finally speak with ease with my Japanese friends, and to make new Finnish friends : ) To finally get lolita brand this year, and to save money so that maybe next year I can travel to SF and to Japan)


  16. My New Years resolution is to work lolita into my budget. I just got married, bought a house, and am finishing school this semester. I'm learning that lolita is a very expensive hobby (bought my first dress in spring 2011), but it's so worth it when I doll up and go out. Love that feeling. <3 Good luck on your resolution too, girl!


  17. Random_havok@hotmail.co.uk

    I'm not making New Years Resolutions, I'm starting 101 things in 1001 days instead:

  18. courtneyjlee@gmail.com

    I actually did pretty well with last year's resolutions! I lost 10lbs this year, so next year, I resolve to

    -lose another 10lbs (to get to my goal weight! Yay!)
    -buy a brand dress (I don't count Bodyline or Fan+Friend or replicas)
    -blog more often, at least once a week

  19. My New Year's resolutions evolve around my finances. To save and/or manage my money in a more responsible way. Also, to get a planner and be more organized in my activities. Thanks! ^___^

    Email: hellolexi[at]gmail[dot]com

  20. My new years resolution is to do a craft project every week of the year!


  21. My NY resolution would be the lose weight, become slimmer so I can fit into that amazing prom dress I have for next year :P

  22. Cassiescostumecloset@hotmail.com

    My NYR:
    To be the best mother I can be for my daughter. I have learned to love myself as I am, but I want to be more and there for my child.

  23. My new years resolution is to become bestttesstttt friends with catalope!!!!!!!!!!

    heheheheheh :D

    Seriously though. We need. To. Do this.

  24. This new year I'm making a super firm resolution to enjoy life, even the silly unexpected things, and go along for the ride without complaint! Also, I want to learn how to roller derby, but that's an entirely different resolution. :>

    My email is Begsey@gmail.com~!