Monday, July 18, 2011

Night Fairy Fantasia

Ever since I saw this dress for reservation, I've been in love with it. But at the time, I couldn't afford it. Then when it went up for sale on the Alice and the Pirates store, I wanted to get it but had no reason to (other than it being a pretty dress). Now that I'm going to Otakon, I have a reason to get it. And it's sold out! Everywhere! I've tried shopping services, second hand, third party dealers, everything! I'm not entirely surprised, it's really pretty. So I made a coordinate featuring this print today.

Flying Ship

This is pirate style! It's pretty easy I guess if you use all AATP items like I did. Usually I try to use off-brand or Bodyline items in my coordinates to keep their cost down. But this time I went all out, the shoes, hairpiece, bag, and dress are all from Alice and The Pirates (and all sold out online). I really wanted to use a chiffon blouse in navy for this coordinate. The sleeves puff out in just the right way and the pin-striping makes it super pirate-y. The ship in a bottle necklace is so neat, I've never seen this type of item ever. The coordinate is fairly monochrome, but so is the print. It's got navy, a lighter blue, and gold in it. But I think if I used the lighter blue as a secondary color, it would really stand out and detract from the dress itself. You could also go with white or cream, but I think it'd be the same problem. Perhaps a true cream would work, but the navy is the best.

I've been really interested in these fascinator hairpieces. They don't work too well on Polyvore, but I would like to see one in person. They seem really elegant and a step up from my usual hairbows. And these shoes are so perfectly pirate, I couldn't resist. I'm usually not a fan of brand shoes, but these are something I would purchase.

Writers block is killing this blog. Please, if you have any articles that you'd like to see, let me know!

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