Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Otakon 2011 Con Report

Hi everybody! I'm back from Otakon and while I haven't unpacked yet, I wanted to write about the convention as soon as I could. This was my first ever Otakon and I have to say, I was a bit nervous about going to such a big convention. It was quite an overwhelming experience! I had heard that the convention attendance usually goes over 30,000, but I couldn't really imagine how many people that actually is. It was huge!

The Baltimore Convention Center is very nice, one of the nicest I've seen. There's even a Starbucks inside the center! I was at this convention because the store that I work at went as a dealer. So I got to go and help out! I went into the dealers room and I couldn't even believe it! It was massive! I spent a lot of time in there, and I'm still not sure I saw everything. I bought quite a few things there. But the most exciting part of the dealers room for me was the Baby the Stars Shine Bright booth! I didn't know that they would be having a booth. To be honest, it looked a little last minute. They didn't have many things and most of them were accessories. I was hoping that they would bring some cutsews and bags, but no such luck. I didn't end up buying anything from there.

Some of you reading this might be here at this blog because you came to the panel on Saturday night. Starberrynights and I ran the Affording Lolita panel on Saturday night and I have to say, that panel had a fantastic response. We've gotten lots of questions and comments directed to our livejournals and to this blog since. If you were there, I'm so sorry I had to run out afterwards so quickly. I fell off my rocking horse shoes maybe two hours before the panel and my bandage was falling off. If you have any questions for me, please let me know either by emailing me at or by sending them to my formspring. Starberrynights can be reached either through the same email above (I'll forward them to her) or through her Livejournal account by the same name.

Other than the panel, I had a lot of fun around the con. I went to all three fashion shows (more on those later), got to meet some local lolitas at the swap, and I took lots of pictures. I'll be writing long posts about the BABY/ATTP and the American Brand fashion shows. But I'll talk a bit about Sixh right now.

I'm not really a fan of visual kei style. I don't know much about it. But I did enjoy the Sixh show. While I don't think I would look very good in their clothes myself, I can appreciate them. I enjoy dressing my friends up in different styles, and so I really enjoy seeing all sorts of styles. I know that two of my friends would have loved to be there, they're big fans of the line. The show was divided into segments, I'm pretty sure these were the sixh. line, the mint line, and the neko line. Every look was very well put together, but I think my favorite was the one that one of the designers wore (right). To see pictures from the show, please check out Purple Sky! Not a single picture came out for me, and because I didn't have a great seat for this show, my video is pretty terrible too. But please check out the photos, especially if you enjoy or at least appreciate other j-fashions.

My next post will be detailing my time at the BABY/AATP show. I'm working on a very detailed report, so please look forward to it!

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