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BABY/AATP Fashion Show Pt. 3 - Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Since the Alice and the Pirates article took me so long, I decided to split the two halves of the show into two posts. All the pieces in this second half were designed by Kano herself, as the pieces in the Alice show were designed by Mitsuba. None of my personal pictures came out for these either, so these are again all from the Anime News Network. I did take this video as well as the AATP one, this one didn't come out as well as the previous one did for some reason. Perhaps they adjusted the lights on the runway. Perhaps it's because many of the outfits feature lighter colors. I'm not too sure, but please enjoy it!

I'll get right to it with the outfit rundowns. I was able to track down almost every piece!
Here's the first model, isn't she lovely? They actually cut her hair to better frame her face! She's wearing a sweet/country coordinate, made up of a skirt and blouse combination. The skirt is pretty new on the site, the name of the print is Early Summer Chocolate Strawberry Parfait, what a mouthful! She's also wearing the matching socks. The hat is from the Chained Berry Memoir series. This blouse was difficult to track down, but I think it's the shirred Babydoll blouse. The bag is a popular design from BABY, but it is this specific version with the white trim. The shoes are the Crema Ribbon Shoes. Overall, this coordinate is quite sweet with a touch of country, perfect for the springtime!

Here's model number two, my friend Starberry! Her outfit was so frilly, not at all her usual style. The dress is the Creamy Alice Decoration OP, and I'd never seen it before this show. The apron is to match this dress, but I was unable to find a picture of it. It's the Creamy Alice Apron, and she says the little cookie buttons are an addition that the designer decided to add on. She's also wearing one of my favorite hair pieces of all time, the Amy Miel bonnet. I think it's adorable and it's one of few bonnets I'd actually purchase for myself! I was unable to track down her socks, but her shoes are the Antique Ribbon shoes. The puppet is not currently available, but isn't he cute? The idea behind her coordinate was Alice in a garden party, and I think they did a nice job with it, don't you?

The Versailles Rose twin look. I'm personally glad they chose this look to be the twinning look. This dress is so versatile in coordination and they did a good job showing that. I'll talk about the pink outfit first. The pages for this print on the BABY moved over to their sale page, the pink outfit is the Rosary version of the jumper. She's also wearing the Chiffon Princess Dress blouse, which is so pretty for the summer time. That headpiece is the Antoine Bouquet head bow, but it's really not a bow at all. For her shoes, she has the Jenny Ribbon shoes paired with the matching Versailles Rose socks. Her parasol is the classic Lace and Frill umbrella, and is in fact waterproof.

Now on the right, the red version of the dress. This is the Carlotte version of the jumper, in red. She's also got the matching bonnet and socks. The rest of the items (blouse, shoes, parasol) used in this outfit are the same as above, but in different colors. She's wearing a pink blouse and a pink parasol, whereas the other uses the same items in white.

To be honest, Unico in Bloomland was not impressive to me when it was first released. The print was cute, but BABY has a tendency to only release items in colorways that they've used before. I'm getting tired of seeing prints on black, white, pink, blue, brown, and navy. But when I saw this dress in person, I was pleasantly surprised. I really like how it looked in the navy. They have it paired with a short sleeve blouse in pink, the printed headbow, and matching socks. Her shoes are again, the Jenny Ribbon shoes, this time in pink. She also has a large Usakyuma as an accessory. Overall, I think the navy highlights the color of the print but isn't a harsh contrast. I would have been thrilled to see a release with a lavender option, but alas no luck. Maybe next time.

Claudia, The Fairytale Princess. I saw this dress online and thought it was spectacular, and seeing it in person only made me love it more. There's a subtle print on the dress that's hard to see online. The material is luxurious and has a slight shimmer to it. It's a dress truly fit for a princess. Here, they have it coordinated with the matching hairpiece and wrist cuffs. Her socks are the Anise Rose socks, currently on sale, and the shoes are the Antique Ribbon shoes in brown. Finally, that bag is the Rose Ribbon Basket bag, isn't it perfectly suited to Snow White? It's a real purse lined with fabric and everything, but the outside is made to look like a straw basket. Overall, a lovely outfit that would cost you a pretty penny to obtain.

Second to last outfit and it's all pink~ This is the Rose Boudoir one piece with the matching bonnet. She has the Anise Rose socks on also, this time in pink. And again the Jenny Ribbon Shoes, the same ones from the Unico in Bloomland coordinate. She's holding a scepter, not currently available from BABY. This coordinate was not a favorite of mine. I think if they had done this dress in more of a hime style coordinate it would have been more successful. While on the runway, the model here bent over in a pose and her bonnet slipped. If you watch the video, you'll see it happen. She was able to fix it, but in the process she exposed the wig cap. I felt so bad for her! When the models came back out at the end it was fixed, thank goodness.

The final coordinate, BABY's wedding dress. I had a hard time tracking this dress down, but I believe it's the Princess Dreamy one piece. It's quite stunning, isn't it? She's wearing the Sheltine socks and I believe the Emily Lace up shoes. Her gloves are the Princess Ribbon long gloves, but again, the scepter isn't available currently from BABY. Her hair piece is a mystery to me. I know it was made to match the dress, but I can't find a record of it existing anywhere! I thought they would bring the wedding dress as a finale piece, and I wasn't wrong. It's a traditional way to end a fashion show and I was glad to see BABY uphold that for this one.

At the end of the show all the models walked out again and there was
much clapping. Then the designers came out for their Q&A session. It was cut short because the show started late, but a few good questions were asked. I would have liked to ask them about what they like to wear and if they're allowed/interested in wearing other brands of lolita fashion. I didn't think of it at the time though. You can read a transcript of their Q&A on the Anime News Network, as well as see larger versions of all these pictures and more! I hope you have enjoyed my coverage of this show, even though it's taken so long to complete. I hope I have an opportunity to see another fashion show like this one again soon!

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