Tuesday, August 9, 2011

BABY/AATP Fashion Show Pt. 2 - Alice and the Pirates

I left off with finally being able to go into the panels room where the show was being held. I say panels room because that's what it was technically called. But the room was massive! I talked a staff member into letting me sit where I wanted to and got a fantastic seat because of it! I had my boyfriend with me to take pictures while I filmed. Unfortunately, none of my actual pictures came out. But my video did! And here it is!

First up was Alice and the Pirates. This was, in my opinion, the better half of the show. Maybe it's because I'm a fan of properly put together boy-style. But I have pictures from Anime News Network and I spent an ungodly amount of time tracking down pieces of the outfits. So I have pictures taken by a pro and outfit rundowns for every outfit in the show!

Here's the first model! Isn't she adorable? This is the A/P Cafe set with the matching head bow in the black color way. On their page, it's shown in blue, but I like it much more like this. They paired it with striped socks embroidered with a wheel emblem. Even though you can't see it in the picture, she's wearing white platform shoes. There's an amazing amount of poof in all the petticoats used for the show! Each model is wearing bloomers and two or three tulle petticoats for maximum poofy-ness. And the designers were tugging and pinning and straightening them up until the moment each model walked out on the stage. The result? Gorgeous, full dresses and completely modest pictures.

The second model was for boy style! I have to say, I'm a big fan of Alice and the Pirates' boy style looks. Which is why I was confused when their model call said they weren't looking for male models. They did up a few girls in boy style looks, but I still think it would have been better to ask for actual males and only choose a few. The blue parts of this outfit are the Stripe Clan Ribbon set, pants and vest. I wasn't able to locate this exact blouse, but the Otranto Blouse is fairly similar and would look just as fantastic. The socks paired with this are simple lace topped black ones. The shoes I believe are Claris Tassel shoes, but I could be mistaken. Finally, she's wearing the famous "Mad Hatter" hat, long sold out on A/P's site.

The third model was wearing one of my favorite prints of all time, Scent of Rapunzel. They put her in the one piece version and I have to say, I was not a fan of it until I saw it on a person. But it's actually quite nice and the faux bolero isn't pronounced at all. The sleeves are slightly sheer, which breaks up the color of the dress. She's also wearing the matching bonnet and socks. Many of the outfits featuring prints were coordinated like this, with all the matching pieces in the set. She's wearing the Sylphide shoes, which I think made the outfit look a little more mature. Bonnets have the tendency to make a coordinate look sweeter and more child-like, and with these shoes it gave the outfit a bit of an edge.

Another boy style outfit. Actually, I think this one is more of a male-aristocrat style which is refreshing to see from AATP. This outfit uses my favorite vest on their site, the Chain Bouquet vest. Why it's called that, I'm really not sure. The pants I believe are the basic Wide Pants. As for the shoes, these pants come so far down on the model that you can hardly see them! They have wooden soles, and from what I can tell, they are the Tassle Shoes or the Wood Sole Shoes. There's also a blouse in this coordinate, but I've been unable to identify it. It could be any one of the long sleeved blouses that come in black. The headpiece has also eluded me. There isn't anything similar on their site currently but the most similar piece I've found in my research is the Necrophilia hat from 2009.

The Night Fairy Fantasia coordinate. If you read my previous post, then you know how I feel about this print. I was hoping that they would bring a version with them and I was not disappointed. They brought the first version of the jumper skirt in the tan/brown color, which I liked much better when I saw it in person than on the site. It's paired with the Curiewel blouse for a classic pirate look. She's also wearing the matching hair bow. For the bottom portion of the coordinate, they pulled out my favorite pair of shoes, the cross belt boots and a plain pair of socks. I really liked how they styled her hair too, in the half pulled back look.

This is one of my favorite outfits in the whole show. An almost perfect shiro boy-style coordinate. She was styled so perfectly too. The coat from this outfit is from the Mercurius set, as are the pants. This coat is so fancy looking, with the buttons and the tails in the back. But I prefer the set in black. This blouse I believe is the Griottines blouse, with the cravat attached. I was unable to identify the shoes and tights used in this outfit, but the hat is the Caladrius silk hat. Overall, the ensemble has a very dapper look to it, I'd love to see what it would look like in all black. I have a good friend that would look fantastic in the black version, it's too bad most of these pieces are sold out on the website.

The final coordinates for Alice and the Pirates came out as a pair. On the left we have a sweeter classic coordinate and on the right a sort of pirate aristocrat type look. I'll talk about the one on the left first. This dress is the jumper skirt version of one of Alice and the Pirate's most recent prints up for reservation, Melty Mermaid Princess. In fact, it just went on sale a few days ago on their site. She's wearing it in white and I have to say, I actually do like it after all. The blouse is not something I've seen before on their site, perhaps it's new? She's wearing the matching headpiece and socks, both in white. Her shoes are these ones in black, I'm not sure why they brought black instead of white for this outfit.

Now on the right, the male coordinate uses the most fantastic coat, the Jerenile vest. I think it could work well in a punk or even a visual-kei type outfit. These pants are from the same set and were on the website up until a few days ago. They seem to be gone now though. The blouse is another mystery; I can't find any record of it existing. It's quite similar in style to the Otranto blouse and the Julius blouse. The hat is the Abelia hat with the chain removed. The shoes are these Tassle shoes again, and the socks are not visible underneath the long pants. The look is well put together, and again all I can think of is how fantastic it would look on my aforementioned friend.

This is the end of the Alice and the Pirates portion of the show. Since this post ended up so much longer than I expected, I decided to break the two into two posts. Next time, I'll detail the outfits from the Baby the Stars Shine Bright half of the show. To see larger images of all of these outfits, please check out the Anime News Network page! Until then~

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