Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday - A New Feature

This past Thursday, Victoria Suzanne over at Lolita Charm wrote an article about being a better blogger. As I am fairly new to the whole blogging concept, I decided I'd try out a few of her tips in my own blog. Little did I know that when I commented on that post, she would use my comment on her Reader Appreciation article, linking my blog to hers! As a result, I had about 200 hits in a day, and decided I really needed to step things up a bit in terms of posting. So now, every Tuesday will feature a different coordinate along the lines of the theme of the month. If you would like to see your coordinate here on a Tuesday, simply email me with a link to it and a short explanation about your coordinate (why did you choose that dress/skirt, what the overall theme is, etc.). I'd like to feature reader coordinates as much as possible, so please send them in to me! My email is on the About Me page at the bottom.

This week, I made the coordinate featuring a very unique Innocent World one piece. The theme
is based on a photo of Victorian-era women riding sidesaddle on horses. The inspiration from the monthly theme came in with the high-collared one piece and the vintage jewelry, including a pocket-watch necklace and a horse-themed antique ring. I really love the coats they wear in the painting to the right, but with the long sleeves, a coat seems impractical.

But as you can see, in both paintings you really can't see the feet of the women. The men seem to be wearing riding boots though, so I went with that. I also found it odd that the women were wearing hats, not helmets.

This is my take on a Lolita version of that. In all the pictures I looked at, the women didn't seem to have feet. So I chose these riding boots that they might have worn, though I can't be sure. The purse sort of reminds me of a saddle bag, but in a very loose way. It sort of goes a little wild west, but I think that that comes from the angle of the photo of the hat. It's a southern-style hat, like you would see at the Kentucky Derby. It ties under your chin and has a wide brim to keep the sun out of your eyes.

So what do you think? Will you submit a coordinate and see it here next week? I hope that I get lots of submissions for this!

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