Monday, January 3, 2011

January Inspiration

So this month, I'm starting a new thing. Every month I'm going to make an inspiration collage using Polyvore and talk a little bit about it here. Maybe it will inspire you too!
So this is January. Right now, I'm in love with vintage! Hence the mirror, chandelier, cameo jewelry, and hat box. I've also enjoyed looking in local vintage stores, I've found so many good items to add to my accessories box. Ask about your family's history, see if your mom or grandmother has any old jewelry, go to a second hand store, or look around in your attic to find some cool things.

Another one of my favorites right now is Paris. I've never been there, but one of my favorite movies is Ratatouille. Paris just seems so elegant and old to me. I'd love to go there, but I somehow think that won't be happening anytime soon. The idea of walking down a cobblestone street with a parasol in the springtime past a cafe, it's so appealing to me! I put the Eiffel Tower and the charm bracelet in, as well as the big, vintage Paris sign thing in the middle to represent this.

For Christmas, I got a cookbook called I Love Macaroons. I found some really tasty French style macaroons at a local bakery, and now I am going to learn to make them. They're so cute, and this book has gorgeous photography! Hopefully, I can master this difficult recipe soon and make lovely cookies for parties. They're on the left in the middle of the collage.

My final inspiration for this month is menswear/steampunk. Menswear-inspired pieces for women have been popular in mainstream fashion for awhile now, but military-style and menswear-style pieces are just becoming popular in the female styles of lolita these days. The jacket in this collage is from Modcloth, as is the casual tank top that has that vintage look to it. The two watches in this set are reminiscent of steampunk style. I don't know much about steampunk, but maybe I'll learn more at Ohayocon, which has a steampunk theme this year.

That's it for January! I hope this will inspire you as much as it has and will inspire me this month. If you have any suggestions, comments, or questions, let me know by commenting here, or asking on my Formspring.

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