Sunday, February 6, 2011

Con Report: Ohayocon

Last weekend I went to Ohayocon in Columbus, OH. This was my first time going to this convention and Columbus in general. I got up super early on Friday and put on my favorite Metamorphose skirt and a cutsew. It’s tough to pack a petticoat into a suitcase unless you either have one of those Space Bags that you suck all the air out of, or you take a bigger suitcase. There was absolutely no room for a bigger suitcase and I don’t have a Space Bag, so I put my whole outfit, petticoat, bloomers and all, and drove 2.5 hours. And on the way back, I did the same thing in my Baby the Stars Shine Bright jumper skirt. It’s not too tough, just something to get used to. I wore flat shoes for this exact reason. Which turned out to be good because there weren’t a ton of non-floor places to sit down in the convention.

So on Friday, after a lot of difficulties, we got our hotel room and got to the con. I only had one panel on Friday and it was an absolute disaster. It was Japanese Crafts for Kids. If you were there and now you’re reading this, I’m truly sorry. We severely underestimated the number of people that we would get, and we had an issue with our crayons being in the hotel room. Long story short, we ran out of materials pretty quickly. Overall, Friday was not a busy day for lolitas at the con, as I didn’t actually see any. I did, however, discover that the dealers room had an h.Naoto booth! I didn’t buy anything there, but I was happy to see it.

Saturday was a bit better. We were hired by the Lolita Crush event to help out with the food service. It was a lot of work, but hopefully some people saw our fliers and will come to our convention. We all did one dance together, and then three of our members learned a few others to perform. Anyhow, I saw some super cute lolitas there (you’d hope I would at an event called Lolita Crush). The rest of the day was all promotional stuff, maid café panel and lots of booth work. I must have cut out a thousand quarter-sheet fliers and passed out at least 300. All in all, we passed out 2500 fliers!

Sunday was also pretty quiet. We were out of fliers, so we closed up our industry booth early. I got some jewelry in Artist’s Ally, because the kitty looks just like Vanilla-chan from Angelic Pretty, which I am in the process of getting. We played some Disney music for the attendees from our table, which was a whole lot of fun. I got to wear my BTSSB dress, and my feet didn't hurt too badly.

I did two panels on Lolita fashion, Lolita or Not and The Elegant Wardrobe! Lolita or Not was my friend Jen's panel to run, and of course, The Elegant Wardrobe was mine. It was pretty late in the day when my panel was scheduled, an as a result, I didn't get the size of audience that I was hoping for. Still, it was my first time doing that specific presentation. I'll be doing that panel again at Tekkoshocon, so if you wanted to see it and couldn't make it, you still have plenty of chances!

I saw a whole lot of cosplayers over the weekend, some of which were very impressive. I didn't take a lot of pictures, but the ones I did take are scattered throughout this post.
If you were also at Ohayocon, I hope you had a lot of fun too! If you weren't and need your convention fix, check out Tekkoshocon!

Coordinate Tuesday is coming up again! If you want your coordinate featured here, please either email me at, or post a link to the picture in the comments section of this post. As always, you can let me know what you think either via commenting here, or on my formspring. Hope to see you all at Tekkoshocon!

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