Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Double Feature Coordinate Tuesday - Ariel and Tiana

These two princesses have infuriated me to no end. The dress that Disney has put on Ariel is pink and in my opinion, ugly. I love Tiana’s signature dress, but at the same time, green is not a wildly popular color to use in Lolita fashion. Nevertheless, I managed to get two coordinates that I am okay with putting up here.


I made Ariel first. As I said before, I don’t like any of the dresses that she appears in on screen or in her merchandise. So I took a completely different approach.

I used the lavender color of her shell bikini top and made that the color of the body of the outfit. I then took the green from her tail, changed it to mint, and made that the secondary color. I used these same earrings from the Jasmine coordinate in the silvery-white color because they remind me of underwater flowers. I also stuck the lavender ones on there as an option. I tried to put as many shell-themed items in as I could. The pearly color of the bag reminds me of the mother-of-pearl shells that you can find on the beach. I actually used over-the-knee socks in this coordinate, something that I don’t normally do. I think it makes the coordinate have a more youthful appearance, and I’ve always thought of Ariel as the most childish of the princesses.


Tiana was tricky as well. With Hello Lace’s wardrobe shots being down still, I have to use my backup site, lolibrary. I’m not as used to this site, and I find it more difficult to search. I wanted to make a green-based coordinate, but the only popular green shade is mint. Her dress is definitely not mint colored, so I needed to find a fresher green dress. Mary Magdalene and Victorian Maiden have made many green pieces, but their greens are usually darker and more elegant.

I wanted to keep the light and fresh feeling of Tiana’s outfit, so I searched and searched and finally found this Angelic Pretty dress. It’s not perfect, but it is the right shade of green and it's not locked into one style (it's not definitively classic or sweet or country). I really wanted to use more frog items in this coordinate, but everything I found was not working with the dress. So I just used the frog earrings. The cream color comes from the bottom part of her dress, where it's more yellow-ey. I decided to use that as the secondary color, since it fits very well into Lolita fashion. The flower hairpiece comes from the side of her dress, where the flower and vines are decorating the waist part. The bag was a last minute addition, and I couldn't find one that I liked more than this. The shoes! I could not decide between these two pairs. The ones on the left are from Bodyline and clearly made to go with Lolita fashion. The pair on the right are more suited to everyday wear. They have the cream color flower there, and they're cute and summery green flats. You decide which you like better!


Oops! I didn't make an Alice! Oh well, I guess I'll just give Alice her very own monthly theme! I know it's quite early, but March's theme will be Alice in Wonderland! It's just too much content to put into one coordinate, since Alice seems to be the unofficial mascot of Lolita fashion. Look forward to lots of Alice themed content, and perhaps a giveaway! If you want to make an Alice coordinate for next week, based off of any character (lots of options for boystyle!), email them to me! My email is cat91151@gmail.com! If you have any suggestions or questions, let me know on my Formspring, and if you'd like to leave me a comment, you can do so below!

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