Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April Theme: Teas and Cakes

It's just starting to feel like spring now, and with that comes picnics, flowers, and fewer layers. I wanted a theme that felt lighter and more country styled than previous ones. The collage this month is sort of weak in my opinion, but every piece is chosen for a reason.

I'll start by explaining my dress choices. The dress on the top left is a risky choice. I like it, but I hate that giant satin bow on the chest. This dress is supposed to represent Lemon Chiffon cake, it uses chiffon fabric and a light, lemon-ey color. The deep red dress is for Red Velvet cake. I'm not a fan of red cake myself, but a lot of people really like it, and it's fun to make. It looks sort of blood when it's still batter. The two dresses on the top are from Angelic Pretty. While they don't have a specific cake that they each represent, they fit the general tea theme. Everything else on there is either a bag, hat, or accessory. Cake print bags, tea cup jewelry, and a Hello Kitty wallet with donuts. Everything is light and sweet on here, making for a fun month for coordinates.

I got a question on my Formspring yesterday about submitting coordinates to this blog. Yes, please submit your coordinates! They ideally should follow the theme that I have going on, but if it's not, then still feel free to submit it! If there's a blog or a tumbler or something that you'd like me to link along with your coordinate, then I'm more than willing to do that as well. Please send your coordinates to me at: and I'll be posting those on Tuesdays. If you could also send a description/paragraph about your coordinate along with it, I'd appreciate that too~ I hope this has cleared some things up, and I'm going to try and get some sort of thing set up here for submissions.

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