Monday, April 18, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday: Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet cake seemed to be the most glaringly obvious cake to choose to make a coordinate from. If you follow my polyvore account, you will see that I published this coordinate on Sunday. In fact, I wrote this article on Sunday also. This week, as I have mentioned before, is the most busy school week of the entire year (until this corresponding week comes up next fall). However, I have time right now to write up a post, so I have written and scheduled this to post. Cool, huh?

Anyhow, red velvet cake seemed like a natural fit to a lolita coordinate. I chose a red velvet dress for a literal interpretation on the title. However, this cake is actually chocolate flavored. So I chose to use brown as the secondary color. The red x brown color combo is odd at the least. I've never seen that done, not even in theory.

It came out quite nicely actually. The red dress is beautiful and it comes in green and black. It's a velvet-type fabric, which would make it quite heavy I imagine. I chose to make this a classical-type coordinate, since the red velvet cake is a classic cake. I chose a fairly simple Angelic Pretty blouse to go with this. It has a sweeter peter pan style collar, but it's not overly sweet. The head bow doesn't add too much to the coordinate in my opinion. You could use a different hair accessory or even make your own. I chose the Innocent World bag because it reminds me of a chocolate roll cake, no other reason. It's a cool shape that you don't see a whole lot in lolita bags. Simple red shoes to match the dress, and brown tights oppose the red dress. It's simple, but I like my Lolita coordinates that way.

Wasn't last week more fun when we had a reader submission? It was so exciting and new! You should totally submit a coordinate for next Tuesday and I'll put it up here next week! Send it to me at along with your name and anything you'd like me to put up along with it, like a blog or tumbler. I hope that lots of people submit coordinates!

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