Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday: Tea Time

Hi hi hello! It's Tuesday! I made this coordinate weeks ago, but I've been saving it for a rainy day. And there have been thunderstorms here, so why wait anymore?

This print! It's bright and graphic and just wonderful! As far as I've seen, this wasn't an extremely popular dress. I don't know why though! It's adorable! I went with a bolero to pull out the red, instead of a white blouse. This makes the coordinate pop more, and a little more unique. Light blue tights, eh. They work, they look good, they're not irreplaceable in my opinion. You could switch those out for something else and it'd be fine. The red shoes! I love red shoes! I have two pairs. These ones are from Bodyline, I love all the bows. This is the first coordinate I've ever made that uses a wig. I actually really like it! It adds something to the coordinate that you can't get from any other item. While this hair bow is AP, you could make your own very easily, and add your own personal stamp to it. The bowling bag is sort of huge, but imagine how much stuff you'd be able to fit in it.

Sort of a short post today, but I'm just really not feeling well right now. Hopefully, I'll shake this by Thursday and have a really good post. Until then!

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