Tuesday, April 5, 2011

End of March Updates and April Announcements

Hello everybody! My plan of writing posts and having them ready to go for last week obviously didn't happen. I ended up with a lot of school work on top of last minute con stuff, and I couldn't do it all, so I got behind in blogging. But that's okay, because I'm back with a lot of ideas for new posts and content!

First thing's first, I owe you all one last Alice coordinate. I whipped this one up yesterday while I was still recuperating from the four day convention (still recuperating actually...) and I'm rather pleased with how it came out. It's a straight Alice coordinate. Nothing fancy, just Alice.

First of all, it's an OP. I don't use a lot of OPs in coordinates, and frankly, I don't own any myself. I used to not really like them, because having a one piece dress without a blouse sort of
limits your coordinating options. However, I've come to appreciate and enjoy the simplicity ofthem now, especially this one by BTSSB. I want it in black, it's simple and lovely. They've used this type of fabric and style for a few OPs, it's the same dress with slightly different details. This is probably my favorite version though. The black and white striped stockings are classic Alice style, but I took it a bit further with the striped bow and bag. The shoes match the color of the dress, and the bows are very "Alice" to me. I chose a key theme for the jewelry. Keys are easy to find in mainstream stores. I have one from Target, and my sister has a ring from Forever 21. I love this charm bracelet! It has all different kinds of keys on it, as well as a little heart-shaped lock. It's made by Disney though, so it's kind of expensive. The necklace also has a key on it, as well as an Alice cameo-style pendant and a tiny locket. It's quite lovely, and it has the Mad Hatter on it, which is a plus for many people.

Do you like this coordinate? I do! Alice style is awesome! I'm sort of sad that March had to end and I can't make more Alice coordinates. But April's kind of cool too, right? And I think that April's theme is pretty alright too~

April's theme is Tea and Cakes! It's spring now and people will start hosting garden parties, with fabulous teas and cakes and treats! I'm looking forward to making lots of cake themed coordinates, and hopefully sharing some recipes this month too! I'm working on the collage right now, but I wanted to get this up ASAP. So I'll finish up the collage and the next post will be all about April's theme!

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