Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday: First Reader Submission!

Oh how excited I have been to post this! I'm so thrilled to have gotten a reader submission for this week's coordinate Tuesday (I have got to think of a better name for this). This submission came from Manda over at Manda Please. She makes so many lovely coordinates for her own blog, so it was really awesome of her to make three for mine too!

It's so colorful! That's how sweets should be, right? She used three different Angelic Pretty prints here: Holy Night Story, French Cafe, and Merry Making Party. Good choices! They're all really bright and colorful, and all three feature different sweets and tea! Here's her description of these coordinates:

I imagine the one in the middle doing the most actual baking and the one to the right being the most enthusiastic (and maybe even setting up the meet up) but not really doing anything that productive ^^" I think the left most would be the "photographer" of the event and take pictures of everyone and everything.

Do you love these coordinates as much as I do? They're so colorful and definitely sweet. Please please submit your coordinates and see them here! If you'd like to, check out Manda's Tumbler for more cool stuff, some lolita related, lots of K-pop stuff, and all sorts of other things!

My coordinate for this week also uses an Angelic Pretty print, this time it's Wonder Cookie. This is one of my favorite prints by them. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of AP prints, but these ones with bold picture-type prints are quite nice actually. I went with a pastel color theme on this for a bit of a different look than Manda's coordinates.
I'm on the fence about actually buying this print. I really like it, but it would not fit in my wardrobe at all. I think I'm going to look into getting Fantastic Dolly instead (if I go for any AP prints at all). Anyhow, this is a more casual look. The cutsew is from Taobao, but it could be made at home by a more talented seamstress than me. A simple bow, it could be made with charms or a printed fabric to jazz it up a little. The bag is one of those reusable shopping bags, but with a waterproof coating and fabric lining on the inside. The deco-type cake ring is adorable! I wish I knew how to make something like this! The cupcake charm bracelet is from the collage for this month. The tea pot necklace could be replaced with something else, but I personally love tea pots (the tiny ones are cute!). The shoes and tights aren't anything special and would go well in other outfits too.

I'm going to try super hard to keep up with posting. I have all sorts of finals and deadlines coming up this week and next week, so I've been quite busy. I'm also considering doing some meet-up reviews in the future. The Tekkoshocon con report is on its way. I haven't actually finished unpacking from the con, but I'm working on it, so look for that soon! If you have any questions or suggestions for articles for me to write up, let me know on my formspring. I've been getting some weird stuff on there lately, but if your question is appropriate (PG 13-ish I guess) then I'd be happy to answer it.

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