Sunday, May 29, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day 3

WARNING! This post contains my honest opinions! If you are someone that takes offense to things easily, this is not the post for you!

I should have combined days two and three together. That would have made for a much longer post. But I didn't and so now they'll have to be separate. Do you like the new banner? If you want to make a 30 Day challenge banner and see it here, you can email me the file at and I'll use it!

10 Things I Hate About Lolita

1. The word "burando." - All I can think of is Marlin Brando (the actor). This was captured perfectly in an image I saw once. I think the word is kind of stupid, just call it brand.

2. Angelic Pretty "Clones." - I think hate is a pretty strong word for this one. It's not that I hate that they exist, I just would like to see them have more variety in their outfits! They are lovely girls, they should show that off instead of trying to all look exactly the same.

3. Wigs - They're itchy, even the good ones. I own one wig, and I don't plan to ever buy another one.

4. Poorly maintained wigs - More and more I see girls with what must have been expensive wigs and they're tangled, sliding off their heads, and generally disheveled. This to me is equivalent to not wearing a petticoat or showing up with wet hair.

5. The term "fatty-chan" and any other term like it - How would you like to be called something like that? I don't care what you look like, it's exceedingly immature. Leave the name calling to the grade schoolers.

6. People that bash Bodyline, F+F, homemade, off-brand, etc. -
These are all viable options for obtaining lolita outfits. Just because they aren't made by the most popular companies or may be flawed doesn't mean they aren't beautiful.

7. Vice versa. People that bash others for wearing only brand or mostly brand - Why can't we all just get along? So what if some people prefer to buy the expensive brand clothes. It's their money and their preference. It's only affecting their life, not yours.

8. Saying that so and so can't be a lolita because of the color of their skin or their religious beliefs and practices. Come on guys, really.

9. The price. Ugh, it sucks! I have zero sewing skills when it comes to human-sized clothing. And now with shipping costs rising, even shops like Bodyline aren't as affordable as they used to be. I've bought pretty much every piece in my wardrobe second hand. I work two jobs, but I
use most of the money I make on things such as rent and food and gas.

10. How most of the community is LJ based - I'm not so great with Livejournal. I've been usingit a year and a half now and I'm just starting to get the hang of it. Maybe because I'd never used a site like that one, but it has been hard to pick it up. I wish it was more of a traditional forum. But it would have to be massive.

There you have it! 10 things that I dislike about lolita fashion. I could probably come up with more. For a fashion full of love and lovely things, there sure is a lot of hate in the community and between members of it. I'm no exception, I just think that if we all followed the golden rule, then the community would be a slightly better place.


  1. Things like Lolita Secrets and Gal Secrets are one of the reasons I don't really want to get into certain fashions!! Its so scary how much everyone judges each other!!

    Kitty xo

  2. I check lolita secrets every week because I'm terrified that someone will make one about me or my blog. Then again, what I don't know won't hurt me.