Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday: Bluebird

First of all, I'm so sorry for this past week. I've had absolutely no motivation to write, and while I've written half articles, nothing ever seems to be where I want it to go. So I'll try better this week, and hopefully finish some of the things I've started. I did manage a coordinate this week, one that I really like too.

This coordinate has a refreshing quality to it. I think it's the blue and off-white color scheme that makes it so refreshing to me. The most important quality in a country-style summery coordinate of any kind is to make it look breezy and effortless. This is achieved here with light fabric, the subtle floral print, the lace shoes, and the light blue color of the blouse and tights. Feel free to wear sandals or knee socks if you don't like tights, or it's especially hot. I think sandals, nice ones not flip flops, are completely appropriate in this case. I chose this birdcage necklace right off the bat. Then, I discovered the BABY parasol, as well as the matching earrings. I love birdcage motifs, and you hardly ever see them in prints. Sure, you'll get gothic-style gates, chandeliers, and the occasional cage, but there are so few bird prints. Anyhow, moving on, the bag just seemed to fit with what I was going for. It's a vintage crocheted bag that has such a great texture to it. It must be lined, otherwise it looks like everything would be constantly falling out of it! The woven hair bow isn't really anything special, feel free to swap it out with anything. It's there to carry the texture from the bag up, but like I said, it could be replaced with a hat, a different bow, a flowery hair corsage, or what have you. I believe this dress is a Mary Magdalene piece, isn't it lovely? Perfect for a stroll on a sunny afternoon, or for a fancy garden party.

Well, that's all I've got. I'm having tea on Saturday, so I'd like to make that a photo post of the place we're going, it's absolutely lovely! We'll see what happens. Thanks for reading!

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