Tuesday, May 3, 2011

It's Tuesday! Time for a Coordinate!

Well folks, it's Tuesday again. But it's now May, and tea time seems to have ended. This month will be around something I've never done before, it's going to have a theme, but this theme will be lasting throughout the month of June as well. The theme this time is quite broad, country style. Since the theme is so broad and vague, I thought two months would probably be better to work with it. Now I don't have a collage for this one yet, as Polyvore is being extremely slow on my computer. What I do have is a coordinate that I made months and months ago that I'll talk about today. And since there's plenty of time for new coordinates (there are five Tuesdays this month!), I don't feel terribly about pulling something older out.

This is a coordinate I made for my sister, who loves this dress. It's a very popular Bodyline item, called Love Nadia. The dress comes in five different colors, including this lovely shade of light blue. It also comes in a skirt. The print is delicate and shows a scene of a girl wearing a similar dress in the woods. I paired this with a boater hat, a staple of a country wardrobe. Everything but the jewelry, tights, and parasol can be found on the Bodyline website, meaning you can purchase this coordinate for your own closet fairly easily. Since this is a one piece, there's no need for a blouse, bolero, or cutsew. The jewelry is all replaceable. I chose pearls to mimic the dots on the dress, as well as the pearly color of white used in the fabric. The rose is there simply because it reminds me of my uncle's house in the country. He used to grow the most amazing roses, and so now they remind me of being out in the country. Brown shoes pick up the brown border of the dress, and the dots on the parasol. This parasol is one of my favorite items, I wish I owned it. It's fun and yet still soft and delicate looking. The bag reminds me of a straw basket, and the woven look echos the hat's woven texture.

Well, are you super excited about going country with me? I hope to be able to share more recipes, tutorials (tea dyeing is in the works), and all sorts of other things! Please remember to vote in the poll at the top right hand side of the page. There are only a few weeks left to do that! Also, check out the new conventions page for info on all the cons I've been to, and as I confirm new ones, that info as well. Thanks for reading!

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