Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday: Country Cutie

This Tuesday I wanted to make a really nice coordinate that was simple to put together. I think I have succeeded! The whole idea behind this coordinate was DIY. I'd like to learn to make my own skirts, but I haven't started working on learning that yet.

This skirt is a simple design that can easily be replicated by a seamstress. The gingham fabric is easy to find, and you could make it (or have it made) in any color you'd like. The trims are easy to come by, you can order them online or purchase them in a major craft/fabric supply store. This type of skirt is made with three tiers of fabric, gathered onto each other. It's a fairly simple design, there should be commercially available patterns. The blouse is very similar to ones sold at Forever 21 and H&M. An off-brand blouse or cutsew is a great way to save money and pull a new coordinate together really quickly. Simple white tights or OTK socks make the coordinate feel fresh. Alternatively, you could match your tights or socks to the color of the skirt. Blue shoes to carry the blue color down. The hairpieces I chose are very specific. The two smaller bows are actually from hair ties, like the things you use to do ponytails. So you use those for pigtails, tease them up so that they're really poofy, then add the white bow. I think this would be a really cute look, but if you want, you could just pick one hair piece or wear a different kind all together. I chose bow-themed jewelry because there are all of those bows on the skirt. I'm especially fond of the sparkly earrings and necklace. Finally, the purse. It's white with a bow, so it fits in with the color pallet and motif. It's also woven, making it a perfect choice for a country coordinate.

I was planning to use this coordinate for an article on wearing lolita to school or work, but it just wasn't coming together nicely. Is that an article that people would like to see? Also, I hope you've noticed the new poll on the sidebar. It looks very similar to the last one, but I promise, it's new. Please vote in it!

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  1. It's a nice and fresh outfit! I would love to see that article, I was planning on writing an article about that myself, but it's always nice to read more about it ^^