Wednesday, June 1, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day 4

Alright, challenge day 4. I know it's been a few days since the last one, but my goal is just to complete the list, not necessarily in 30 consecutive days. Today's challenge, 10 foods I like. I'm not sure what this has to do with lolita really, but sure, we'll go with this. These are in no particular order.

1. Berries of all kinds
I love berries! They're one of my favorite things about summer! My favorites are blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries. My mom actually planted me some berry bushes in the back yard a couple years ago. We get so many tasty berries all summer long. We make pies, jam, and just eat them plain. I especially like blueberries and granola in vanilla yogurt for breakfast.

2. Mussels + Fries
Whaaat? Mussels and french fries?? You must be crazy! WRONG! This is absolutely delicious. It's a popular dish in Belgium. The mussels are really fresh and surprisingly meaty tasting. The fries are twice fried and served with basil mayo. The mussels are available in three different sauces, classic white wine (my favorite), red curry (my sister's favorite), and tomato fennel (it was okay). Then there's plenty of crusty french bread to get all the yummy white wine broth up. YUM.

3. Sushi
Aww yeah, sushi! In addition to running lolita events and panels at cons, my boyfriend and I do
a popular Japanese food panel at our local cons. Sushi is one of my top comfort foods. Whenever I feel sad, I want to eat it and it cheers me up. Not typical, yes. But very tasty. My favorite is salmon, I don't like tuna, eel, or octopus. I actually don't eat anything with a tentacle period. Funny story: when I was in Japan, my host family took my house mate and I out for sushi the first full day we were there. They didn't speak any English, and my house mate didn't know the names of fishes in Japanese. I made sure to learn the good ones before I left, but I was so exhausted, all I could remember was "kappa maki" (cucumber roll). My host family made fun of me the whole time I was there for ordering that.

4. Ice Cream
Ice cream has to be one of my favorite desserts. Nothing beats an ice cream cone on a hot day. Recently, a new ice cream shop opened up near my apartment. They make the absolute best nutella gelato. It's my current favorite. I also like gold metal ribbon (from Baskin Robbins), banana, cake batter, and plain old vanilla.

5. Mille Crepe
This dessert is so cool! It's made by layering thin, buttery crepes with cream and strawberries. You stack and stack and stack and then it turns into this cake thing. You think "ha! I can do that" but it's hard to make 20 crepes the same size, cooked to the same done-ness. If they aren't, the texture of the cake will be all wrong. I found out about this dessert from an anime, Yumeiro Patissere. I wanted one, but I couldn't find one in my town. Then, I went to NYC last summer. You can find pretty much anything there, and sure enough, I got to try it. So so yummy! You can actually mail order them from Lady M Confections in NYC.

6. Crab Burger
Another weird one! It's like an extra thick crab cake that's cooked and then put on a bun. I like to get avocado, arugula, and garlic mayo on mine. It's a really different burger to get. I don't like meat too much, so this is a great alternative. I do eat regular burgers from time to time, but I love me some crab burger. The crab is creamy and, well, crabby. The outside is crispy. The avocado is creamy and fresh, and the arugula is peppery and earthy. If you can get one in your area, you have to try it!

7. My mom's mac & cheese
So my mom is pretty awesome. Not only is she fun, plays video games, and is really nice to everybody (unless you make her mad, like the lady in the grocery store), but she's also a crazy good cook. She made pasta from scratch the other night!! She can bake, cook, make bread, she's made ice cream, but my favorite thing she makes is mac and cheese. She uses three or four different types of cheese, and some smokey paprika. Then she puts bread crumbs on it and bakes it. It's melty and cheesy and smokey, oh so tasty!

8. Curry
My mom also makes curry. Curry is the best thing to eat when you're sick. It's spicy and warm, which soothes a sore throat. The spicy clears your sinuses. At least that's me. Chicken curry is my favorite. Curry comes in all sorts of forms, Indian, Japanese, Thai, Pakistani, the list goes on. I love Japanese curry with potatoes over rice, but I also love Indian curry with cauliflower and potatoes. I also love Thai curry with chicken and pineapples. I'm so torn between them all, they're all so tasty. The picture is of Japanese curry rice. I know it looks sort of... off, but trust me, it's delicious.

9. Pulled Pork BBQ
Ah, my southern roots show. I was born in Alabama, and both my parents grew up in the south. As a result, their families live down there and my childhood summers were spent road tripping from PA to Florida. On the way, we'd stop at this place, Sonny's BBQ, without fail. I love pulled pork, ribs, cole slaw, hush puppies, fried green tomatoes, the whole shabang. Now, we stop sometimes at Sonny's, and now there's Rib Country in my life. Oh how I miss it.

10. Meat Pizza
This is not your average meat pizza. This pizza has prosciutto on it, the king of all meat. It's covered in this salty prosciutto, with shaved parmesan which is creamy and salty. Then it's topped with fresh arugula. It's a white pizza, so it's not got any tomato sauce on it. It is so so good! The crust is thin and crispy, and there's good olive oil and garlic on there too. Best. Pizza. Ever.

I'm not sure what this really had to do with lolita, but it's sure been fun writing about my favorite foods. I'm quite passionate about cooking and quality foods. In fact, I almost decided to write a food blog. I'd love to go to pastry school and learn to make all the most amazing cakes and baked goods. Writing this made me so hungry though. What's your favorite food? Does it have anything to do with lolita fashion? I hope to get lots of comments about your favorite foods!


  1. I loved doing this day in the challenge too! I've never heard of a lot of foods here, but now I feel like I need to hunt them down and try them ;A; crab burger sounds delicious *A*! Curry is my absolute favorite food ;v;!

  2. Those mussels and fries actually sound really good!

  3. When I was in France I saw a resturant selling mussels and fries and I was like ???! But when I tasted it it turned out to be the perfect match! :D