Wednesday, June 8, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day 5

I skipped a few days, oops! My sister graduated this past weekend, and I seem to have adopted a kitten, so my life has been really crazy recently. But here I am with day 5 of the 30 Day Lolita Challenge: 10 items from your wish list. Now I have the wish list page here up at the top. So those are my top 5. But I'll put 10 other pieces I want for this post. Again, these aren't in any specific order.

1. Kidsyoyo Fairy Doll JSK
I've loved this dress for ages and ages. It has ruching on the sides that allow the dress to change into something completely different. I adore the grey color too. I think I'd coordinate this with black as the secondary color, but it would also look good with pink I think! It's airy and just gorgeous! It's sold by a taboao company called Kidsyoyo, so it's also affordable. Someday, I'll be able to get it.

2. Infanta Spring Whisper Alice
We've had this discussion before. About how I love this dress and this print better than the original. I love this! It would fit very nicely into my wardrobe. It's so beautiful, and it's sort of a classic/sweet style. This one is also sold by a taobao shop, this time it's Infanta. I plan on ordering this dress as soon as I can, preferably at the same time as I order the one above to save on the shipping.

3. Dear Celine Autumn Poodle
Again, Taobao is my favorite thing. This dress! I want it so much! The fabric has a check pattern and poodles scattered all over it. The grey and black and white is pretty much what I already have here. This is more white/grey than I usually go for, but that's okay. It would look great with either a white or black blouse. I especially love the scalloping and black under layer at the bottom. So sweet! I think this is probably a more bittersweet dress than classic. Ugh, I need this.

4. Bodyline Antique Clock OP
More black, white, and grey! The clock print and the argyle print combined makes the dress so classic and perfect. It's listed under dresses (one pieces), but it's more like a jumper with wide straps. Again, a white or black blouse would be fine here. Too bad this is sold out, or else I would have bought it already! I wish there was a matching bow! I also wish it came in brown and brown, it would be perfect for a steampunk-lolita hybrid. I see this dress happening in my near future.

5. AATP Night Fairy Fantasia
When I saw this dress I fell instantly in love. The pirate ship is such a great motif, yet Alice and the Pirates doesn't use it nearly enough. I can't decide on the color I want, either the navy or the black. I haven't seen the full dress in either color, so I'll have to wait to see. It'll be in stock soon at Tokyo Rebel, I'm thinking I may order it in preparation for Otakon. I also want the bag that they make to go with it, but I may have to wait on that until afterwards.

6. School Bag (any brand or off-brand)
The main problem preventing me from wearing lolita to class as often as I'd like to is that I have to take my books and laptop with me. And my backpack isn't exactly the most adorable thing. So I really want one of these bags made for school books! Most brands make them, and now there are even a few replicas on the market. The problem is the cost. For one of these leather bags, it costs almost $200 USD! I can't spend that on one bag! And the used prices aren't much better, between $150 and $175. Durability is also an issue. I definitely don't want to get this gorgeous bag for an insane price and have it get scuffed and scratched on the bus and in my classes. So I'll probably go replica, off-brand, or get a canvas-type.

7. Angelic Pretty Melty Chocolate
Ah Melty Chocolate. Ever since the replica, you've gone down to a somewhat reasonable price. I contemplated purchasing the replica, but in the end, I think I want the real thing. I have nothing against this replica or many others, but this dress was one of the first I loved when I got back into the fashion. I don't know if I'll ever own it, but it sure is nice to dream. It wouldn't fit into my wardrobe at all, and that's okay. I'd make a whole coordinate around it.

8. Angelic Pretty Whimsical Vanilla-Chan
Vanilla-chan is so cute! It's this little white cat with blue eyes. I like this JSK in the purple and the mint, but purple is really something else. I have a Vanilla-chan look alike ring that I got at Ohayocon. But I haven't had any concrete plans to actually purchase it. Even though it's still available on AP's online shop, I don't think I'll get it anytime soon. Why? Again, I'm primarily a kuro/bittersweet lolita and this is very much not in that area of the spectrum. But maybe someday.

I think that's it. I can't think of anything else I want that isn't on my wish list page. They all ended up being jumper skirts, something I wasn't really expecting. But over half this list is made up of off-brand items, making it a rather affordable wish list! Do you want any of these items? Better yet, do you own any of them? Thanks for reading!

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