Tuesday, June 21, 2011

30 Day Lolita Challenge - Day 9

Today is day 9 and the prompt is 10 things you will never do in lolita. I can come up with a huge list, but I'll limit them to the 10 that I like best. The ten weirdest, (hopefully) funniest, and out of the box things I can think of!

1. Eating Ribs
So I was born in Alabama, and my parents are from the south. I spent my summers in the south, two or three weeks at a time. I love ribs, green tomatoes, hushpuppies, anything that isn't an organ meat really. But ribs are really messy and I'd never eat them in lolita!

2. Sledding
When I go sledding I get really cold and wet and I just feel gross. No lolita when I go sledding. Ever.

3. Getting injured
This is more of a hopeful thing! I've fallen off my rocking horse shoes a few times, but that's the extent of my injuries while wearing lolita. Hopefully it stays that way.

4. Cleaning
I know some lifestyle lolitas pull their frilly aprons out and get to work, but nope not me. I put on PJs to clean, it's so much easier. Even at work I go light on the cleaning when I wear lolita. It's too hard and I end up knocking things over with my petticoat when I turn around.

5. Road-tripping
When I went to Ohayocon, I drove the whole way there in casual style and the whole way back in full-blown kuro. There was nothing to be done, our lolita panel was late in the day and we had to leave to go home right after. On the way there, I wanted to take this one skirt with me but it wouldn't fit in my suitcase. So I just wore it. Never again. It was uncomfortable, the skirt made it hard to drive for hours and hours, and overall it just sucked. Avoid it if you can, I know I will be.

6. Working out
Since I swim laps for this, it's a no brainer. But if I did something else, I still wouldn't wear lolita. Eww.

7. Rock climbing
I like to go rock climbing! But not in lolita! Can you imagine wearing lolita and a climbing harness? It wouldn't work at all!

8. Sleeping
It's so uncomfy! And if you have a tulle or net based petticoat you'll end up with net marks from it on your legs. I've fallen asleep in lolita, but I don't make a habit of it. Maybe if it was like a lolita inspired pajama set, but not in a dress. Nope.

9. Cooking or baking
Some people do cook in their lolita! And more power to them. But I make a mess when I cook or bake, and that mess transfers onto my clothes. So I'd rather those clothes be replaceable or washable at least.

10. Walking my dog
If I had a cute little dog, then I'd totally walk it in my lolita. But my dog is a massive 90-lb. Labrador Retriever. You don't walk her, she walks you and you try to keep up! So that's not an activity I want to do in lolita. I love my dog, but she's just too big to walk in lolita.

Some of these are weaker than others, but I stand by them all. Some had good stories, some didn't. I think I'll be posting a coordinate next time, I miss doing those.

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