Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Coordinate Tuesday: Black Queen White Queen

This week's coordinate Tuesday I decided to do Kuro and Shiro versions of the Black Queen (she's actually the red queen, but in actual chess, it's a black piece. So for my purposes, she's the Black Queen) and the White Queen from Alice Through the Looking Glass. If you remember from one of my very first posts, kuro means an all black outfit, and shiro means an all white outfit. There's not a whole lot to say before I show you them, so I'll just get to the point.

I made the Black Queen first. I wanted a more gothic feel to her, with just a touch of whimsy. I've always thought of the Black Queen as being the black kitten from the beginning of the story (If you don't know what I'm talking about, grab a copy of Alice Through the Looking Glass and read the first chapter). I used a slightly printed Moitie dress and I played up the print using a lace Metamorphose Temps de Fille blouse and some lace printed tights. The headpiece was something I debated over for a long time. I wanted something whimsical and yet quite gothic. I finally settled on this headband, but I'm not completely satisfied with my choice. However, I didn't want to choose something typical for Lolita, like a bow or a bonnet. So in that aspect, I think I succeeded. I couldn't find a bag that I like, and the Polyvore clipper was not working, so I couldn't get something from another site. I apologize for this.

Now here's the White Queen. When I decided to do this set of coordinates, I knew I wanted to use this dress for the White Queen. I definitely went for a sweeter style with this one. It's very simple and demure, like I view the White Queen's character. Even though the coordinate is all white, I think the different laces, cuts, and fabric techniques really add a lot of detail and texture to the coordinate. Finally, I chose the bag to add a bit of elegance to the coordinate. I didn't want to choose something with a very typical shape, like a heart or a pony or a bow. That seems to be a theme with my coordinates these days.

Do you like these two coordinates? I really hope that the Polyvore clipper starts working soon, otherwise my next coordinate will be rather difficult to do. The contest is still going on! So comment, tweet, and coordinate away! If you have any questions, ask them here, and you might see them in an article!

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  1. both outfits look really cute and extremely decadent! <3