Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hobbies for a Lady

Many Lolita's will take up new hobbies as they become more involved in the fashion. There are some obvious hobbies that go well with being a Lolita, like sewing or embroidery. However, these aren't the only hobbies that Lolitas should limit themselves to. Sure, these are the popular ones, but there's so much more out there that can be lolified! So for a new twist on Lolita hobbies, check some of these out.

1. Gardening
This is probably something that you shouldn't do in Lolita. But gardening can be great! If you live in an apartment, you can grow herbs and flowers in planters on the window sills. If you have a yard, that's even better. I don't have any sort of green thumb at all, but I have a lot of respect for those that do. You can grow your own herbs and edible flowers to use in tea or in baking or cooking, a more common Lolita hobby. I'm dying to try a recipe I saw for Vanilla Lavender scones, but there's no lavender right now! Did you know that you can also make tea from all sorts of plants, like rose and fennel? It's really fun to try and make your own special brews out of things you grew yourself. Check out this website for more information on what you can use for tea. Make sure to do your research on plants you want to use so that you don't accidentally poison yourself.

2. Collecting
Many of us collect something. I know that some lolitas collect the clothes themselves. They'll collect the prints, the goodies that often come with purchases (Postcards, catalogues, bags, etc.), or even the tags off the clothes. Then there are those who choose to collect something that isn't directly related to lolita fashion. For example, I collect ball-joint dolls, only one of which actually wears lolita fashion. Miniatures are also quite popular.

3. Writing
Many lolitas write articles, poetry, stories, blogs, and in journals. But what I'm talking about here would be closer to having a pen pal. Having a pen pal can be a great thing for both parties involved. If you're a more mature lolita, it could be nice to take a newbie under your wing and show them the ropes. If you live in an area without any other lolitas, you can have some lolita friends this way. And you can even exchange small gifts, like handmade cards, jewelry, and sewn items. Cool huh? It also gives you an excuse to buy some cute stationary and use it!

I hope you liked this! I can't wait until spring is here so that the flowers will start growing and the sun won't set so early. I love to make my own tea from fresh mint leaves, it settles upset stomaches, is refreshing, and if you mix it with lemonade, it's really unique and tasty!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful list!
    I love lifestyle Lolita tips and were very delighted when I only read the title of yours. And I'd never thought of gardening as such a matching activity, but you're absolutely right!