Thursday, March 10, 2011

Versailles Rose Bouquet and Rapunzel Doll Dress

Baby the Stars Shine Bright has yet another set of reservation items up on their site. This time, there are two sets, the Rapunzel Doll Dress and the Versailles Rose Bouquet set. I'll be talking about both sets today.
Here's the first one, the Rapunzel Doll Dress. I have to say, I'm not a fan. It's sort of matronly in my opinion. I had high hopes when I saw the name, since just a few weeks ago they released the Scent of Rapunzel print. However, this is what I found. It also comes in black with silver and red accents, but there's no picture of this color. If I could see it in the black, I might be more interested. There's only the dress in this set, no accessories, no jumper, no skirt version. I really don't have much to say about this one, so I'll move on.
Now here's something that I'm interested in. This is Versailles Rose Bouquet. There are two jumpers, a skirt that isn't pictured, two hairbows, a bonnet, a tiara, a pair of socks, and a necklace. If I had the money right now, I'd be ordering this tomorrow.
It's $301 for just a jumperskirt, and I'd want the dress, hairbow, and perhaps the socks. It comes in off-white, pink, sax blue, red (an increasingly popular color), and black, so there's a color for everyone. What's interesting about this print is that each colorway has a different name. For example, the blue is called "blue moon," the black is called "black ice," and so on. If I were buying this, I think I'd go for either this blue version (above) or the cream. The print is delicate flowers, perfect for spring. It would work very well in classic, country, or even a more demure sweet coordinate. I don't like the bonnet though, I think it's kind of silly. That's the only piece in the series that I don't like. Also, it's almost $140USD!

Well, are you going to order from either of these sets on March 11th? I wish I was. In other news, Tekkoshocon (the con I work for) is coming up really soon! Are you going to be there? If you aren't planning on coming, you should check it out! Click on the website link and see if you can make it!

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