Tuesday, March 1, 2011

March Theme! Alice in Wonderland and Coordinate Tuesday: Sweet Alice

Yes, it's March. Finally, the snow is beginning to melt, the birds are chirping, and it's warming up outside. March is one of my most favorite months, because it is the beginning of spring and everything begins to turn green. The daffodils begin to sprout up and it starts to get warmer outside. As you all know if you've been reading my most recent posts, this month is Alice month. Why Alice? Well, why not! Alice is practically the mascot for Lolita fashion. The style can also be called Alice style in fact. Alice is prevalent in all aspects of Lolita culture, from the clothing itself, to the book (written in the Victorian era for children I might add), in our tea parties, sweets, and even in boy styles! I decided to make this month Alice month also because I just finished re-reading my Annotated Alice book, which has inspired a lot of my coordinates recently.

So this is the collage for Alice in Wonderland. As you can see, there are a number of dresses on there. That's because Alice is such a popular motif these days, especially in classic and sweet styles. Card motifs are also very popular, you can see by the two pairs of shoes featuring suits of cards on them. There's a whole brand called Alice and the Pirates, which is named for Alice in Alice in Wonderland. Alice themed jewelry is very easy to get now due to the Tim Burton version of the story premiering last spring. We call bows like the Metamorphose one above the clock bag Alice bows. That light blue color that some call sax or saxon blue can also be referred to as Alice blue. Disney makes a lot of Alice items for children and adults, like the bag at the top in the middle. Even though she *technically* isn't a princess, she's very special in Lolita and in our hearts.

Now for coordinate tuesday. I hate that these last two months have started on Tuesday, making the posts extra long and weird to write. Thankfully, April begins on a Friday. However, I'll be working at Tekkoshocon that Friday, so the theme post won't get done until Monday probably. But that doesn't matter right now. Here's this week's coordinate!

I went with the Emily Temple Cute dress from the theme collage. This was something new for me, I've never worked with their stuff before. I love this version of an Alice print because it's a little quirky compared to others I have seen. I pulled the black out from half of the card suits and the red out from the other half. I went with hearts as accessories, from the cards also. Then of course, the Alice bow. This one is quite simple and downplayed. I think it's sort of complementary to the simple lines of the jumper and the cardigan. This coordinate sort of came together really quickly. Which is rare for me to have this be so easy. Usually I spend upwards of an hour making everything look perfect, but this one took less than half an hour.

So are you excited for Alice month? Maybe you aren't yet, but I have a big announcement for Thursday that's sure to get everyone excited about this month! If you've got any questions for me, you can always let me know on my Formspring. Alice coordinates are fun to make, so if you'd like to whip one up and see it here, you can email me at cat91151@gmail.com. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Ooo, this month is going to be amazing! I love Alice in Wonderland~