Saturday, March 5, 2011

Old Prints

I'm not usually a fan of older pieces. It's not that I'm a huge fan of the prints that some brands are putting out currently, it's just that I haven't seen a lot of older things that I could see myself actually wearing. But this print by Baby the Stars Shine Bright has really challenged my preferences for newer items. It was re-released in 2008, but I still didn't really like it. And then I found Taobao. I actually like Infanta's version of this print a little more than the original, something that doesn't happen too often in the Lolita world.

As you can see, they basically re-used the same design from 2001 in the remake. I don't care for the lace on the top of the dress, or the fake bolero look. The empire waist version (third from the left) is alright, but those cross neck ties bother me so much when I'm wearing them. Then, there's the Infanta version. The pin-tucks on the bodice, the lack of white lace at the top, the subdued ruffle at the square neck line, I love it all. It's a lot more classically styled than it's inspiration, but it could still be coordinated as sweet or as classic. It's simply lovely, and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Of course, that being said, I went ahead and used the original release skirt version for this coordinate. The skirt is really quite nice, it doesn't have too much going on, which makes it easy to coordinate.
This top has been sitting in my Polyvore for awhile now, waiting for the right coordinate to come along and use it. I love the black, white, and Alice blue combo here, it's sort of got an airy feel to it. The spade bag brings the card motif home, as well as the spade earrings. Some simple Alice themed jewelry and a black Alice headband bring it all together.

So what do you think about this one? Are there any prints that you prefer the replica of? That's a pretty touchy topic in the greater online Lolita community now, but I personally think that replicas aren't always a terrible thing.

Also! I realized there are some mistakes and confusions about my giveaway. It is +1 for a tweet or Facebook (once only), +1 for a blog post (once only), +2 for a coordinate (once per week), +1 for a comment (once per post), and +1 for answering about your favorite Alice in Wonderland related thing. I have updated the original post with this, I hope everyone wasn't too confused!

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